Moderated by a POLAHS teacher, and student-run, clubs offer opportunities for everyone to get involved and make lasting friendships along the way.

Club Room Meeting Day/Time Mission Statement
Anime Club


Friday at Lunch

The purpose of the Anime Club is to learn the history of anime, learn about anime culture, watch various anime shows especially the most influential anime, write and draw original anime as a club, and fund raise for a field trip to the Anime Expo.
BSU 110 Fridays at Lunch  
Baking Club

The POLAHS Bakers, Baking Club, would like to provide our school not only with a variety delicious treats, but more importantly our club would like to represent the POLAHS “flavor” in everything we do. As a club it is our mission to support our school and fellow students by fundraising to support not only our club, but also by working in collaboration with others to use our baking efforts to help promote POLAHS events and fund raise wherever there is a need.
Bottle Free Club


Tuesdays at lunch

By giving presentations, picketing, and spreading awareness throughout the school, POLAHS Bottle Free Club has succeeded in its initial goal of having hydration stations installed throughout the school and by having the School Board of Directors ban the sale and distribution of single use, water bottles on campus or at school events. Our mission this year, and for the future, is to ban all plastic bottles from campus and install a refreshment stand (selling flavored drinks into reusable, BPA free, bottles). Additionally the club will seek to educate other schools by giving presentations, providing them a road map, and supporting their efforts to ban the bottle.
Buddy to Buddy

  Thursdays at Lunch

Buddy 2 Buddy is an all-inclusive group/team where we will focus on integrating students with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities with their peers. Our mission will be accomplished through fun activities and mentoring throughout the school year. Students will gain an understanding of what it means to be part of a group that helps other students feel more comfortable in their daily environment. High School is a big change for most. Thier job is to make the transition easy and fun for newcomers as well as students that have been at POLAHS for some time now.
Community Service


Wednesdays at lunch

The mission of The Port of Los Angeles High School Community Service Club is to provide opportunities for students to get involved in a variety of service projects, both locally and beyond, become more aware of inequality in society, and give students the opportunity to work collaboratively in a comfortable and welcoming setting. Not only will students have opportunities to gain service hours, but they will also build relationships with their community, along with their fellow club members. The mission of The Port of Los Angeles High School Community Service Club is to provide opportunities for students to get involved in service locally and beyond, and to give students the opportunity to work collaboratively in a comfortable and welcoming setting.
Community for a Better Environment


Thursdays at lunch  
Creative Writing


Thursdays at lunch

The Creative Writing Club is a safe place where students are inspired by one another to write and share their work. Students are responsible for publishing our POLAHS Literary Journal and organizing and running Open Mic afternoon to highlight and share student writing. In addition, students send their pieces to a variety of nation wide magazines and journals.
Wants: The club would like to bring in authors to speak to students.
Dance Club Bungalows Wednesdays at Lunch  
Debate 116 (Tuesdays) | 205 (Wednesdays) Tuesdays and Wednesdays after school  
Disney Club 202 Thursdays at Lunch  
Dueling Club 220 Thursdays at lunch "To teach students about medieval dueling, fighting, and weapons."
FCA 113 Wednesdays at Lunch  
FIDM 215 Wednesdays at lunch  
Fishing Club


Wednesdays at Lunch

POLAHS fishing club is brought to students in conjunction with Los Angeles Rod and Reel Club. This club offers students the chance to learn about fishing all over the world, practice knot tying, casting, choosing bait, etc. Twice each semester, students get to take a fishing trip with sponsors from LARRC.
Foreign Language Club


Thursdays at lunch

The purpose of the FLC at Port of Los Angeles High School  is to stimulate the interest in French and Italian Languages not currently offered to our students. As well as promote enthusiasm for French and Italian culture in a fun and friendly environment.

    Here at POLA, our Gay Straight Alliance brings together gay youth and straight allies to fight homophobia on campus and in the community through the pursuit of knowledge, by educating the community about different sexual and gender identities, by linking homophobia with other oppressions, and by coming together as a single unit to forma a wall against harassment. The GSA brings students together to meet new people, hang out, and grasp different points of view. Through our activities, we aim to reduce any feelings of isolation and depression that students may experience, whatever their sexual or gender identity may be.  We welcome all students to participate in our school meetings and our after school events, and to come talk about any issues concerning bullying or harassment due to prejudice and discrimination.  Members can also air personal issues in an atmosphere of confidentiality.  We are here to support one another, share resources, learn together and have fun.


Thursdays at Lunch

"Through community service projects and other activities, the Interact Club's mission is to promote Rotary International's motto of "service above self" and to aid our community in any way we can."
K-Pop 210 Mondays and Fridays after school  
Latinas Somos


Tuesdays at lunch

"Our mission is to explore programs, participate in community events and provide experiences that produce strong, successful young women who are empowered with the self-confidence and aspirations to be successful professionals and leaders that will pave the way for other Latinas to follow."
Marine Bio 106 Thursdays at Lunch  
Music Club 204 Thursdays
3-4:15 pm
Seeks to support the endeavors of students musicians of all skill levels.
No Pain No Gain

Weight Room

Tuesdays and Thursdays after school The mission of this club is to give students the opportunity to workout, learn about safety in the weight room, and improve their overall health. The club meets twice a week in the weight room, and encourages students to work out together, in small groups.
Performing Arts


Fridays at lunch

 This club is intended to give members more opportunities to perform on and off campus throughout the school year. Students perform at club meetings and find / create opportunities to perform on a larger scale.
Procrastinators Anon 216 Mondays at Lunch  
Science Dept. Board


Mondays at Lunch

Swim Club Mr. Zrucky's room Mondays at Lunch  
Urban Farming

School Garden by Bungalows Tuesdays and Fridays
Thursdays after school