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Melina Castillo

Student Trustee


Melina Castillo is POLAHS’ Student Trustee and is in her senior year. She is very grateful for the opportunities POLAHS has presented her with since her first year here. In freshman year she enjoyed working with LACMA to make a short film in appreciation of veterans, and volunteered at the Battleship Iowa (BB-61). Melina also participated in the Lions Fourth District Student Speaker Contest the past two years and gave her first public speech, making it up to the fourth round last year where she competed against various other schools.


Melina is part of the Debate Club speaking and leadership skills. She is fond of history, especially American and European. When not in school, Melina reads as much as she can, focusing on politics and history, to prepare her for a career in political science and law studies. She hopes to be accepted to either Texas or Harvard Law University to study this material.


Melina is honored to serve as POLAHS’ Student Trustee to support and bring to attention issues that her peers care about, as well as to be engaged in local politics so that she can positively impact her school.