POLAHS Receives Lifetime Fitness Grant

The POLAHS Physical Education (PE) Department currently offers classes in Dance, Weight Training, Kickboxing, and Physical Education to approximately 950 students each year. The Department aims to help students achieve optimal physical health in high school, while developing an interest in lifetime fitness, or nutritional awareness and fitness activities that can be continued throughout life.
To meet these goals, the Department introduced classes at local kickboxing and CrossFit gyms last year. In addition to the school’s blacktop and weight room, PE classes utilize neighboring facilities that students may continue to access after high school. From court activities at the San Pedro Boys and Girls Club, to the promenade for running, and local parks for field games, students learn to find their passion and integrate new activities into everyday life. Alongside fundamental sports, PE classes introduced students to lacrosse and rock-climbing this year. Instructors hope to integrate stand-up paddle boarding; yoga; slacklining; and badminton into future curriculum.
With support from The Kenneth T. and Eileen L. Norris Foundation, POLAHS installed a traverse rock climbing wall on-campus, and purchased class sets of heart rate monitors and assessment software. On a traverse wall, students climb horizontally to build technique and muscular endurance, while minimizing the risks associated with a vertical climb. Climbing develops both mental and physical strength, teaching students that success is achieved through goal-setting and perseverance in the face of obstacles. Studies show that physical fitness also translates to higher academic test scores and more positive classroom behavior.

The heart monitors allow students to reflect upon, and address, their current physical fitness levels and nutritional choices. Through team sports, individual practices, and class lessons focused on fitness, heart health, and nutrition, POLAHS students are equipped with the tools to build strong bodies and minds.
“As a longstanding POLAHS partner, the Norris Foundation’s support has led to tremendous improvements in all facets of the school’s programs and operations. On behalf of the Board of Trustees, PE Department, and students, we thank the Foundation and offer this plaque as a representation of our gratitude.”
– Principal George Mora