Board of Trustees


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The Board of Trustees is responsible for establishing and overseeing the mission of Port of Los Angeles High School. It has the ultimate authority over and responsibility for all fiscal and operational policies within the limitations and guidelines of California State Charter School Education Code, California Non-Profit Public Benefit Law and the POLAHS Charter and Board of Trustees Bylaws.

The Board may delegate the management of the corporation's activities to any person(s), management company, contracted business entity, or committees, however composed, provided that the activities and affairs of the corporation shall be managed and all corporate powers shall be exercised under the ultimate direction of the Board.

The Role of the Board of Trustees

1.    Establish the organization’s mission, vision, and purpose and regularly review the status of
       upholding it.
2.    Recruit and appoint new Board members and provide orientation training.
3.    Approve and monitor the school's annual budget, budget revisions, and monthly cash flow
4.    Approve major policies and procedures to ensure that POLAHS is well organized and administered
       and so that the operation is in compliance with state charter law.
5.    Approve appropriate compensation, benefit policies, and employment practices.
6.    Annually review the performance of the Board and take necessary steps to improve as indicated.
7.    Act as a fiscal agent. This includes but is not limited to the receipt of funds for the operation of the
       Charter School in accordance with applicable laws and the receipt of grants and donations
       consistent with the mission of Schools.  
8.    Contract with an external independent auditor to produce an annual financial audit according to
       generally accepted accounting practices.
9.    Approve annual independent fiscal audit and performance report.
10.  Hire a Principal and other key administrative staff as needed, and review or cause to be reviewed
       their performances annually.
11.  Monitor student achievement to ensure progress toward fulfillment of the mission.
12.  Approve contractual agreements in accordance with Board policies.
13.  Establish operational committees as needed.
14.  Review requests for out of state or overnight field trips.
15.  Execute all applicable responsibilities provided for in the California Corporations Code.
16.  Engage in ongoing strategic planning, including the annual LCAP update and goal setting process.
17.  Approve the schedule of Board meetings.
18.  Participate in the dispute resolution procedure and complaint procedures when necessary.
19.  Approve charter amendments as necessary and submit requests for material revisions as
       necessary to the District for consideration.
20.  Appoint an administrative panel to take action on recommended student expulsions.
21.  Strengthen POLAHS’ financial base by participating in and contributing to fundraising efforts.
22.  Promote POLAHS’ mission by generating goodwill and engaging support within the community.
POLAHS Board of Trustees 2023-2024
Executive Council: 
Dr. Alva Perry , President
Lolis GarciaVice President
Mark Martis , Treasurer
Leigh Cross, Secretary
Board Members:
Kathy Daly, Trustee
Pat Gannon , Trustee
Moses Freyre, POPS Trustee
Michael Aspinwall, Faculty/Staff Trustee
Ananda Gaona, Student Representative
Board of Trustees 2023-24 with Principal, Tim Dikdan
To contact the
Board Admin. Assistant:
[email protected],
call 310-832-9201
ext. 232,
fax 310-832-1605, 
or visit during
Office hours: M-F 8:00am - 4:00pm