The POLAHS network of supporters is teaching our students about the intangible value of partnership and community. From dedicated foundations to the hard-working parent organization or our annual scholarship donors, every individual and entity is working together to stand behind the students of POLAHS. The commitment of POLAHS supporters is visible in virtually every aspect of our school. In our classrooms, which were built with the support of generous donors... In the hands-on experiences offered by local organizations and companies... In the respectful students, who have been shaped by their parents and our teachers... And in our academic program, enriched by our port community. It is our hope that our students too will one day uplift a new generation of thinkers. We thank YOU!


Click the PayPal button below to make a charitable contribution online, or call Erin Loveridge, Development Director, at 310-732-4310.
Contributions to Port of Los Angeles High School are tax exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and are deductible for calculating income and estate taxes as allowed by law.
I am deeply impressed by the programs that Mr. DeSanto and his colleagues have established, using the Port of Los Angeles as a skeleton around which to structure a wide range of classes. As I have learned from my eldest son, who is in the Merchant Marine, there are excellent job opportunities in the maritime industry, and I think it is a great way to expose POLAHS students to the field. - Words from a Donor
I came from a poor working class background, but was fortunate to attend a high school with excellent teachers, who gave their time generously. The school had an Outdoor Activities Club, which introduced me to the wild and beautiful areas of the UK, and to activities such as hiking, climbing and kayaking. The academic standards of the school were high, equipping me to obtain a place to study medicine at one of the leading British universities. My school no longer exists, so I was looking for a similar school locally that served children in an underprivileged area. I have been very blessed by the opportunities that I have had, and it is time for me to give a little back. - Words from a Donor
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