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ASB & Clubs

The POLAHS Associated Student Body (ASB) represents all POLAHS students, governs student finances, and organizes school activities including social events and community projects. ASB is the principal student government body on campus headed by four officers: president, vice president, secretary and treasurer. ASB teaches students leadership skills, democracy, and financial responsibility. ASB makes important contributions to our San Pedro community, school, and students.
What does ASB do?

Host School Events
All POLAHS dances, rallies, and school activities are organized by ASB. The purpose of these events is to raise school spirit and provide a fun break from academics!
ASB comes up with creative ways to publicize student news. ASB makes school-wide announcements and informational posters, and updates campus bulletin boards.
ASB is able to host student events through various fundraising campaigns throughout the year.
Business Meetings
ASB holds business meetings to discuss student ideas and concerns, and vote on various school issues and activities. During meetings, ASB makes decisions like approving expenditures.


The Reading Corner  |  Lindsey

Agriculture  | Bruhnke

American Red Cross  |  Vokoun

Art  |  Quiming

Black Student Union  |  Magana

College Fair  |  McGlauglin

Debate   |  Johnson

DIY  |  Quiming

Fashion  |  Quiming

Fellowship of Christian Athletes  |  Lines

Foreign Language  |  Sandoval

Friki-Otaku  |  Nowak

Guitar  |  Arbas

Interact  |  Bailey Duarte

MECHA  |  Sandoval/Ramos/Valdivia

No Pain/No Gain  |  Dikdan

Peace  |  Bruhnke

Performing Arts  |  Bradac

Photography  |  Miseroy

POLAHS Cadet Corp  |  Scotti

POLAHS ECO  |  Chase

Swim  |  Chase

YLA  |  Ramos

Youth Action  |  McKenzie