Food/Nutrition Program


Welcome back POLAHS!


The United States Department of Agriculture extended the use of the Seamless Summer Option(SSO), the free meal program that POLAHS offered during school closures due to COVID-19. This means that meals will now be provided to enrolled students free of cost. This program has been made available through the school year of 2022/2023.


POLAHS participates in the National School Lunch Program (NSLP), which is a federally funded program that assists in providing nutritionally balanced meals to students each day.


We have partnered with TITAN to allow parents to easily submit applications for their students. You must complete a School Lunch Application for your child before the beginning of every school year. Please keep in mind that the Household Income Survey you filled out and returned during registration is not a School Lunch Application. Although all POLAHS students will have a free eligibility status for meals throughout this school year, submitting a meal application is vital for school funding and auditing purposes so we ask that you please complete the School Lunch Application as soon as possible.

We are partnering again with Better 4 You Meals, a third party food vendor, who is dedicated to transforming the health and habits of this generation’s students through healthy, fresh and delicious food. All meals served meet nutrition standards established by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. 


If your child needs special accommodations for his/her meals, please fill out the form below and return it to the Food & Nutrition Services Coordinator, Denise Vokoun, as soon as possible. It needs to be signed by a state-licensed healthcare professional in California (a licensed physician, a physician assistant or a nurse practitioner).