Congrats 2021 Graduates!

The 2020-21 school year marked fifteen years since POLAHS' grand opening, when classes were held on the sand at Cabrillo Beach as renovations were completed on campus. On June 3, 2021, "The Legacies" helped us celebrate with pride, graduating right where we began... on the waterfront! POLAHS' 210 seniors made history as the first class to be honored at a Graduation Commencement at the Battleship USS Iowa! Today, they join more than 2,200 POLAHS alums.

We are PROUD of the Class of 2021 for achieving a 97% graduation rate, alongside accomplishments such as career readiness and community service. 
We recognize that their time at POLAHS, and a year of overcoming many challenges, has prepared them to create a bright future. The senior class adapted to new ways of learning, and the legacy they leave behind is one of innovation, tenacity, and teamwork.  
The class forged a close bond that was visible at end-of-year events like Prom and POLAHS Scholarship Awards, where the seniors cheered each other on as they received over $65,000 in scholarships from community donors. Thank you to the parents, teachers, staff, friends, alumni, coaches, and mentors who prepared our graduates every step of the way.
Congratulations Class of 2021!
 This Pomp and Circumstance video is a wonderful tribute to every POLAHS graduate!
Special Acknowledgements
Graduation masks were purchased from Jasmine Vazquez (POLAHS '20), who started her own embroidery business! You can order a custom mask through Instagram @therealvinylco

POLAHS' graduation day was made possible by a dedicated team of POLAHS administrators and staff, including Mr. Mora, Ms. Ivie, Ms. Costa, Mr. Johnson, Mr. Cosgrove, Ms. Nowak, and many others! 

Graduation photography by Cheryl Ogden and John Mattera.