Nov. 3, 2014 | Schoolwide, Statewide Unity Poem

Taking place on Oct. 9, the event sprawled over the grounds outside the Arts Building. Basking in the warm sunlight — but not too warm — students and faculty came together to celebrate the theme of unity: the idea of a common humanity that encompasses everything from our saddest memories to our brightest moments.” UC Riverside Unity Poem Fiesta
POLAHS English instructors, Tammy Clark and Pete Riehl, teamed up with California Poet Laureate and UC Riverside poetry instructor, Juan Felipe Herrera, to help bring this poetic interpretation of unity to life. POLAHS administrators, teachers, and students worked together to complete POLAHS' second schoolwide poem. In 2012, POLAHS was the FIRST school or organization to participate, and was recognized on websites, electronic billboards, and in literary journals throughout the state. Over 20 POLAHS students attended the UC Riverside Fiesta earlier this month, representing our school and its many unique voices, cultures, and traditions.
We are resilient. - Ms. LaBouff
We are creative. - Julissa Sanchez
We are the next big thing. - Kiara Henry
We are the creators of a beautiful or disastrous beginning. - Aubree Diaz
We are all Beyonce on the inside. - Crystal Yorba
We are born from our mothers. - Miranda Ibarra
We are life learners. - Mr. Brown
We are one. - Kimberly Sleeis
Nosotros somos mas que vencedores. - Mrs. Sandoval
We are unique. - Alee Grageda
We are all misunderstood by someone that we don’t understand. - DeAundre Davis
We are elevated thinkers. - Conor Garcia
We are one in a Billion. - Jose Frausto
We are warriors. Once we fall, we get back up. We are angels.
We never give up on the people who need us. We are all different. - Julissa Ortiz
We are the individuals that this word depends on. - Isabelle Marin
We are leaders. - Megan Marsell
We are a team that stays strong. - Dasiah Bailey
We are all independent homosapiens. - Anita Agustin
We are the painted picture of the past generation that will remind future generations to strive for advancement in technology. - Robert Javier
We are homosapiens. - Jacob Romero
We are family, we all look out for each other. - Adolfo Mora
We are the chosen ones to lead the world to a utopian place. - Cris Ramirez
We are the laces to our shoes. - Jahaziel Rodriguez
We are just kids. - Yohana Leyva
We are the ones who make the connection. - Lance Shoaf
We are the future. - Angelica Johnson
We are imperfect. - Briana Mancilla
We are all loved by someone. - David Gutierrez
We are the moon who brightens up the night in our darkest hours. - Ruben Navarro
We are the electricity to your light bulb. - Cassidy Hart
We are all someone’s cinnamon apple. - Alexandra Temblador
We are not alone. - Tessa Bedik We are aliens to other planets. - Jakob Mataalii
We are the new generation. - Melissa Menham
We are the pride in our parents’ smiles. - Jasmine Perez
We are the light that guides the way. - Arielle Rodriguez
We are the school that will never give up. - Jayson Pineda
We are the creativity of this world. - Jose Delgado
We are divine creations with providence. - Ivan Marin
We are equal. - Melissa
We are the B-E-A-R-S, the bears are the best. - Elizabeth Vargas
We are the Dodger Nation that won the national championship of 2016. - Beatriz Huerta
We are all sinners in the eyes of the almighty. - Emily Haugen
We are fearless and united as one. - Nicole Bedolla
We are the new generation of students who aim for success. - Jose Gonzalez
We are intelligent. - Alyssa Espinosa
We are LOVE! - Ms. Loveridge
We are all in this together. - Lizbet Madrigal
We are A1 students. - Carlos Avila
We are better than we were yesterday. - Julia Garcia
We are the warriors who never back down and fight till the end. - Greg Miller
We are all living in a dream. - Cassandra Ibarra
We are like 75% water and some other stuff that’s not important. - Christian Treadway
We are puppets controlled by the government, pulling our strings when they want and how they want. - Kennay Moore
We are all leprechauns looking for a pot of gold. - Josh Aguilera
We are all prisoners in this world. - Abrie Trivision
We are one exo! - Samantha Lopez-Bonilla
We are just animals. - Alarik Damrow
We are hope. - Amber Eddings
We are the pregnant mothers of the world, uniting as one to give birth. - Jose Gomez
We are dancing party animals in a night club. - Maritza Rendon
We are champions of future games. - Juan Carlos Equihua
We are same blood but different skin and thoughts. - Antonio Pavic
We are all similies in a world of metaphors. We are today’s tomorrow. We are the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. We are anonymous. We do not forgive. We do not forget. - Jacob Dominguez
We are nonconformists. We are the star to the burst. - Sally Espinoza
We are our own fashion designers. - Viviana Maya
We are our own super heroes. - Austin Gowin
We are students who achieve our goals if we just believe in ourselves. - Marisela Jaramillo
We are believers of a better future. - Sofia Zelaya
We are the class of 2016. - John Shimabuku
We are the kid our parents warned us about. - Mark Benedid
We are a one of a kind creation. - Rizza Mae Arcia
We are the POLA Bears from the Polar Express. - Austin Dukes
We are the bears that conquer. - Juan Baca
We are warriors. - Tayler Chavez-Feipel
We are tigers, mighty mighty tigers. - Noah Gutierrez
We are a peanut-butter to our jellies. - Amber Araiza
We are who we are. - Andrew Aburto
We are united by mind and soul. - Nathanial Licea
We are Melissa & Noemi Rodriguez. - Melissa & Noemi Rodriguez
We are the pilgrims from the Canterbury Tales. - Melissa & Noemi Rodriguez
We are the people that inspire the next generation. - Brandon Caropino
We are just humans trying to make the best out of life.
We are all reliant on the Earth. - Ms. Bruhnke
We are part of the Solution! - POLAHS Bottle Free Club
We are the chosen ones.
[We] are like dirt. [We] can either nourish others and help them grow, or [we] can stunt growth and make others wilt and die. - Plato
We are the caterpillars, awaiting the next chapter life brings us. - Shannon Webb
We are the rituals practiced by life. - Michael Aluizo
We are...the ones who can make a change. - Mikayla Cantu
We are irresponsible, and unable to be put down. – Dart
We are useless human beings that inhabit this earth. - Raymond Torres
We are God’s masterpiece. - Grace Huizar
We are similar souls looking for the same thing. - Rosemarie Singletary
We are a unique group of people who will learn the ways of life. - Celina Campbell
We are Elite. - David Vargas
We are the next generation. - Anthony Leon
We are confident in our abilities, but sponges for more information, and humble in our pursuit of knowledge. - Mr. Riehl
We are almost there… - Olivia Quezada
We are the hungry--waiting for lunch. - Mrs. Clark’s period 4
We are all different wolves of the same pack. - Ramiro Sanchez
We are the future generation’s heroes. - Kristi Gutierrez
We are the continuation and expansion of our own universe. - Brian Cevallos
We are google, searching for answers and then making our own decisions.
We are the protectors of our nation. - Alex Harney
We are the little wonderers, making history in these small hours. - David Carter
We are the life that lights up the world. - Ronnie Oloimooja We are the turnpike that the future will attempt to follow. - Evan Rezai
We are the epitome of student and school etiquette. - Emmanuel Capulong
We are soon to be stars in the night sky. - Jerry Marquez
We are the laxative that clears your mind. - The Rickys
We are the whiteout to your problems! - The Rickys
We are the scissors to cut your split ends. We are a grain of sand building a sandcastle. - Louie Z.
We are the hairspray that hold down your fly-aways. - Vivian Garcia
We are the ethanol that ignites a flame. - Elisa Guerrero
We are the idol of the generation below us. - Adriana Vargas
We are the cheese in society’s melting pot. - Alex Harney
We are ants who think ourselves to be kings. - Ashley Anderson
We are the smearing pen to make your writing unique. - Natalie Rivas
We are sinners in the hands of an angry god. - Jose I. Gomez
We are the WARRIORS that build this town. - Juan Jonson
We are all Kings! Go Kings Go!! - Claudia Domicoli
We are as bright as our future. - Vania Patino
We are obsessive fans, swooning over fictional characters. - Daisy Garcia
We are the blood in your veins. - Liana Sanchez
We are tiny grains of sand on a giant beach. - Angela Ulrich
We are the flowers just waiting to bloom. - Shelby Younkin
We are The Dodgers!!! Think Blue!!!!!!!:) - Christian Avalos
We are the craftsmen, dexterous with our hands, shaping our future with our innovations. - Gabby Paras
We are splashes of colors, undefined by any rainbow. - Jaida Nabayan
We are the students of the present, learning from the past, in hope of improving our future. - Christian Sanchez
We are dancers, marching to our own beat. - Kent Ishijima
We are definitely more unbelievable than magic. - Dania Villagran
We are flames, torching very much by the light of hope. - Maria Ortega-Perez
We are a unfinished chapter in a story, ready to be fulfilled by our actions. - Tommy McInnis IV
We are the various, precarious notes of a sound, yet bind us together, and we are a symphony. - Crystal G.
We are the remedy of the broken judgement. - Brian Cevallos
We are the Visionaries, Class of 2015! - Marisa Lope
We are not born to be sheep, we are born to make changes in life and make a difference. - Cristian Carrillo
We are the A+ you didn’t expect. - Lexi Ryan-Hodges
We are not almost’s just the beginning. - Celeste Johnson
We are the motion in the ocean. - Sofia Morales
We are Hungry, Hungry, Hippos. - Edith Hernandez
We are a speck of life, blinded by our true potential. - Jhoana Ruelas
We are individuals who come together as one. - Laura Leos
We are the ones who thank God for a few Free Waves. - Loitus
We are what we make of ourselves. - Jasmine Amador
We are all special in our own way. - Vincent Garfias
We are anyone we want to be. - Amra Brucelas
We are the lasagna to your Garfield. - Matt Showler
We are the decorations to your Christmas tree. - Ramiro Sanchez
We are who we are. - Laura Leos & Kristi G.
We are who we choose to be in life. - Jonathan Contreras
We are a fresh beginning. - Casey Galapon
We are everything you can imagine. - Jazmin Maya
We are the night to your Batman. - Matthew Sparks
We are the law who protect the troubled. - Ramiro Sanchez
We are JOKO. - John Sestich
We are all peasants in the government’s eyes. - Jessie Hernandez
We are Groot. - Gabriel Martinez
We are all gonna die. - Brandon Herrera
We are all human and we all make mistakes. - Gina Dipietro
We are independent. - Stephen Alvarado
We are better than old clichés. - Noah Pierce
We are 3 time C.I.F champions. - Savana Ramirez
We are the shine coming from the sun rays. - Jackie Garcia
We are responsible for our futures. - Camille Franczak
We are the better ones. - Kaela Razevich
We are all devices of the next generation. - Charles Bennett
We are the Dodger Nation of 2014. - Ruben Samudio
We are different. - Christian Cardoza
We are not defined by the standards of society. - Ariana Archuleta
We are Guardians of the Galaxy. - Isabela Van Antwerp
We are here and ready to attack. - Norma Mancha
We are the team in the green, white, and black. - Melissa Yanes
We are our past mistakes and achievements. - Celeste Solis
We are the future of this nation. - Genesis Duarte
We are the Next Gen. - Cesar Farias
We are the choreographers of our lives. - Jelani Bethune
We are the heart and voice of the harbor. - Mrs. Liverpool
We are the permanent ink on the blank page of life. - Brandon Ramirez
We are the leaves on a growing tree. - Melissa Navarro
We are the innovators to the world’s future creations. - Diego Ugalde
We are the Ones. - Arthur Pacheco
We are all talented in a special way. - Arturo Castaneda
We are the stars to your nights. - Victoria Lopez
We are the founders of the world. - Amaris Sanden
We are a bond that cannot be broken. - Alyssa Medrano
We are the magic in the world. - Helena Ruiz
We are being lied to. - Helayna Elmore
We are the epicenter. - Anonymous
We are the nutella to the graham crackers. - Anissa Navarro
We are tonight. - Mariam Moreno
We are flowers, growing in life’s garden. - Mary Worthington
We are the peanut butter to your jelly. - Alexi Myrick
We are separate individuals, yet one nation together. - Anna Vidovich
We are the Breakfast Club. - Dante DiCostanzo
We are what we make of ourselves. - Jorge Salgado
We are the drums in your beat. - Jonathan Calhoun
We are what holds the universe together, for our souls are only temporary, and while we may come back, we will not be the same but nearly changed. - June Foti
We are the makers of our own destiny and we are the dreamers of dreams. - Roberto Oropeza
We are anything but ordinary. - Mayra Guardado
We are the end. - Anonymous
We are strict as a dictator. We are your smilers. - Alanis Tellez
We are the ones who make our future our future. We are together as a unit. - Taylor Razevich
We are the champions, we keep on fighting till’ the end. - Kamryn Cardoza
We are one. - Robert A. Herman V
We are fox sports, we are LA. - Joshua Ibarra
We are the only hope for this world. - Alyssa Eckley
We are the world, we are the children. - Osiris Garcia
We are Groot. We are the Meta. We are love, we are life. We are Sparta!! - Cody Siegel
We are the world, we are the children. - Anonymous
We are potentially neutral, Polar Bears or Pirates. We are wearing uniforms. We are insects scampering about on a slowly dying space rock living out our beautifully insignificant and repetitive lives as we lead ourselves on a one-way trip to total annihilation. - Eric A. Bernard
We are smart people that try to do better each day, but we never give up. - Giselle Lara
We are one small united school. We are breathing. We are… - Joey Larrondo
We are the kids of the future. - Dianna Espinosa
Tu muid go deo. - Lexii Constantino
We are a population of imperfect people expecting each other to be perfect. - Kathleen Rodriguez
We are all God’s children. - Sebastian Guzman
We are the world. We are craving In-N-Out. - Christina Barlow
We are afraid of our inevitable fate of returning to the stars. We are all trying to survive in a world where we’re meant to die. We are afraid to face the reality of our existence. We are royalty. - Chris Williamson
We are who we are. - Camila Rios
We are thrashers! - Noah Higuera
We are all equal. We are your fathers. We are all secretly unicorns. - Aaron Caro
We are the end of our own kind. - Cristobal Hernandez
We are all brave and strong in some point in life. - Alejandra Gurrola
We are a creation of a generation driven by self-motivation.” - Francis Marrero
We are working day by day to obtain a long term goal. - Melanie Garcia
We are each single strand of hair blowing in the wind of the world. - Shelby Younkin
We are the Polar Bears, even though we live in sunny, 80 degree Southern California. - Sadie Gonzalez
We are humans… or are we dancers. - Bella Trusela
We are dreamers, who won’t stop running, no matter what, after our aspirations which will one day be reached. - Mika Verner
We are shark bait, oohhhhaha. - Emily Ibarra
We are tomorrow’s future leaders. - Mikayla Tesoro
We are human. We are the next step in its most tangible state. - Amelia Samuelu
We are the leaders and the scientists and the teachers and the mothers and the fathers and the writers and the actors and the singers and the people of the future! - Joseph Worthington
We are one of a kind. - Marcella Gomez
We are going to die someday. We are us. - Ximena Ruiz
We are cash money young money money. - Abraham Reyes
We are the past, present, and future. We are more than our labels. - Dominique Wade
We are the peanut butter to your jelly. - Andrea Arnold
We are the walrus. - Emily Caldwell
We are judgmental. - Gigi Gentile
We are on a roll…. - Ms. J. Shummon
We are daisies gone wild. - Gabriella Marquez
We are the excitement in the world. - Matthew Gurrola
We are the light of the world. - Makayla Warth
We are all flawed, beautiful creatures; we are all flawed beautiful people. - Danyai Young
We are not puppets; we will work against your strings. - Malia Street
We are a sorry excuse for man. - Christine
We are someone’s dream. We are all ugly from the outside but beautiful from the inside. - Teresa Santillan
We are the people who learn from our mistakes to improve. - Gio Salazar
We are the lyrics to your favorite song. - Jezebelle Rocha
We are the master of our fate, the captain of our soul. - Gabby Mendoza
We are ready to T.U! - Fortino Ixta
We are striving toward excellence. - Uriel Costillo
We are perfectly imperfect. - Brenda Ramirez
We are the athletes who don’t give up. - Maddison Pepper
We are blessed. - Oscar
We are the runners who chase our ambitions. -Victor Gonzalez
We are the future. - Kevinn Ayala
We are important and unique. - Sarah Banuelos
We are the ones who are going to succeed. - Amanda Lazo
We are the hope and utterly fascinating next generation. - Casey Jones
We are the loves. - Jasmine Darden
We are the wind beneath your wings. - Ronnel Mangubat
We are learning that everything happens for a reason. - Michelle Solorio
We are what we’ve always dreamed of being. - David S.
We are the piece that completes the puzzle. - Cynthia Fregoso
We are only fully satisfied when we achieve full happiness. - Sharon Garcia
We are the people who can’t do everything but the people who got to do something. - Clarissa Morales
We are the doctors and lawyers of the future. - Hiram Gomez
We are like rivers, we just go with it. - Ruby Delgado
We are thousands of years of history. - Natalie Leon
We are the infinite stars to the infinite universe. - Denise Castaneda
We are all the actors of a never-ending film. - Marilyn Alvarado
We are the ones that go above and beyond expectations. - Ysabelle Chavez
We are the future of the nation. - Jesus Zamora
We are each other’s inspiration and motivation. - Brandy Martinez
We are potatoes. - Dariene Radell
We are all dirty. - Damian Florez
We are the people ready to take on the world. - Vania Patino
We are dancers ready to take the stage. - Kara Pirozzi
We are the future in our generation that brings about a change in our society. - Fay Velazquez
We are the children of our society. - Eric Valeriano
We are all weird and derpy. - Erin Genavia
We are prepared to accept the challenge. - Jonah Fernandez
We are the books in which an inked pen keeps scribbling in day after day, night after night until upon the book closed for the last time and the clock reaches its prime. - Yazmin Ramos
We are the companions to the Doctor. - Hannah Smith
We are the next generation of success. - Gabriel Melgarejo
We are all microchips on a motherboard. - Rey Montano
We are the present that’s making a difference. - Juan Iglesias
We are the blood, sweat and tears of our strive for success. - Jericho Masankay
We are who we are. - Paul Castaneda
We are the future. - Dennis Constanza
We are individuals who seek for success. - Karen Martinez
We are stars that shine in different ways. - Angle Porcayo
We are fighting against ourselves-and winning. - Olivia Ramirez
We are the glitter in the art store. - Vanessa Munoz
We are, or are we? - Talon Murray
We are the masters of our own fate. - Ivan Ochoa
We are all living things, who need love? - Desteny Robledo
We are grunge. - Aileen Martinez
We are the real MVP’s. - Matthew Tercero
We are humans beings thriving to find the reason behind the answer why. - Annette Ulloa
We are the real Champions! - Daisy Torres
We are the youth of the Nation. - Samuel Gardner
We are always excited for the weekends. - Juliet Duron
We are the future. - Nicolas DelaTorre
We are the next generation of big inventions. - Katherine Kronheim
We are the generation that will make a change. - Joseline Conde
We are the dancers on the stage and not those who watch. - Cassandra Rico
We are a team who succeed. - Amanda Khalbourji
We are the beat that supports our favorite songand the chorus that makes each song different. -Thairlynd Jones
We are eagles about to soar. - Vanessa Jimenez
We are the future Jacob Miles that need to remember to keep it wild-style. - Jimmy Strum
We are the people who perceive with our minds instead of our eyes. - Kimberly Santamaria
We are Katy Perry’s "Roar". - Rylee Daluiso
We are Britney Spear’s workers and she’s telling us to “Get to work!” - Isacc Resendiz
We are all humans and deserves to be treated equally no matter how we look. - Alexandra Huerta
We are human beings making mistakes and learning from them. - Omar Bojorquez
We are the best; never rest till our good is better and our better is best. - Anthony Raya
We are the new generation. - Nicolas Gutierrez
We are above the normal. - Kyle
We are the hearts that make the world go round. - Angelica Sanchez
We are the computers of our society. - Anthony Jana
We are who we choose to be, so don’t give up on your dreams. - Jennie Gonzalez
We are people who strive for success. - Fernando Rivas
We are surfers catching the best wave. - Eddie Ramirez
We are all living too short and dying too fast. - Ruben Del Rio
We are Polahs Bears. - Aziah Lopez
We are United States champions. - Mirabelle Garza
We are the kids of the future. - Michael Perez
We are our own and will live as we please. - Gavin Gilham
We are strict as a dictator. - Melanie Perez
We are “history makers.” - Paul Delgado
We are the ones that determine our own fate. - Ethan Maldonado
We are the wrecking ball to your wall. - Hector Magana
We are the Kanye to your West. - Amanda Vasquez
We are Justice within our crimes. - Sonny Deloriar
We are too legit to quit. - Joellle Demonte
We are the piece that create success. - Nathan Medina
We are not finished. - Sophia Tobin
We are God’s children who pursues our dreams. - Ezequiel Barba
We are people with unlimited potentials. - Vincent Garcia
We are a generation of many possibilities. - Esaw Equihla
We are never going to become. - Juan Cortaes
We are one. We are Exo. - Celeste Smith
We are the future for our world. - Jessica Granados
We are the pain in your beauty. - Marilyn Paiva
We are so much closer. - Cecilia Nava
We are from the Shmuney Team. - Ian Martinez
We are polar bears of a fur coat walking together. - Mr. Vokoun
We are the reasons. - Ashley Langarica
We are creative thinkers. - Pedro Tamayo
We are the meta. - Andrew Blanco
We are not regretful. - Amanda Harris
We are mindless creatures harming this world. - Guillermo Gonzalez
We are the creators of the end. - Kaela Cashner
We are unbroken. - Oscar Marcotte
We are critical thinkers. - Jose Quintero
We are a nation undivided. - Andrew Underwood
We are all different. - Alejandra Lara
We are always improving to become something better. - Nick Skrumbis
We are stronger together. - Vincent Garcia
We are artists. - Skye Moyer
We are fierce and flawless. - Beverly Aranda
We are all one of a kind. - Brittany Mercado
We are the deafening silence. - Bianca Pelayo
We are determined to complete a goal. - Casandra Martinez
We are farmers...bum ba dum ba dum dum dum... - Daniel Bedik
We are the ones that dare to ask is the spoon really there. - Helena Dommer
We are people who make mistakes. - Damaris Morales
We are silent readers. - Marc Jaramillo
We are all human. - Alexa Clement
We are better people when we get sleep. - Jaime Ibarra
We are all unique. - Kaitlyn Chor
We are not alone. - Araceli Vargas
We are engineers and marines of the future. - Eric Perez
We are young. - Angie Vargas
We are the bee’s knees. We are tunnel snakes and we rule. We are the dreamers of dreams. - London
We are the lightning in the clouds. - Giovanny Lara
We are the new generation. - Shawnie Carolla
We are creative. - Mikaela Esquivel
We are unique. - Amber Nichols
We are fish in the big, blue sea. - Justin “Carson” Kirkendall
We are spontaneous in our own individual ways. - Marissa Martinez
We are cool cats. - Katie Fisch
We are kids in a mad generation. - Ariana Garcia
We are amazing. - Andrew Flores
We are the next big thing. - Aaron Ortiz
We are one of a kind. - Yessenia Castro
We are the world, we are the children. - Savanah Martinez
We are time lords traveling through space and time. Our story never ends. - Sofia Nena
We are who we choose to be. - Bianca Velazquez
We are dreamers. - Sophia Karl
We are goofy goobers. - Alaya Kelly
We are all individual stars in the sky ready to shoot. - Josselin Ortiz
We are the next generation. - Erykah Cruz
We are the children of the world, reflecting on the future each and everyday. - Aleena Martinez
We are all young. - Pablo Cruz
We are one, we are all. - Brian Herrera
We are risk takers. - Alexis Rodriguez
We are tired. - Mauricio Estevez
We are all special. - Kenneth Contreras
We are different, united as one. - Areelle Navarro
We are the never ending ocean. - Jessica Watkins
We are the stars in the constellations that only continue to shine brighter. - Samantha Wand
We are flightless birds who still have inspiration. - Smeralda Gomez
We are self-made. - Andrew Orosco
We are our own future. We are one as a people. - Kyara Galloway
We are the light in darkness. - Fred Buhat
We are seriously funny. - Ernie Chavez
We are the apples to your apple pie. - Omar Curiel
Nous sommes la resistance. - Chloe Baltazar
We are always learning and improving. - Samantha Gaydowski
We are what we do. - Jordan Langner
We are inspirations. -Victor Ibarra
We are brave. - Stephanie Ortiz
We are weird. - Sayra Ibarra
We are young. - Neftali Lopez
We are the new generation. - Jessica Rose
We are our own identity. - Jazmine Marrufo
We are teenagers learning from mistakes. - Berenice Romero
We are souls that are lost. - Chelsea Lopez-Bonilla
We are one. - Shawn RoqueWe are a family. - Nicole Pierce
We are young, wild, and free. - Jesus Reyes We are all in this together. - Anonymous
We are what we eat. - Billy Brady
We are who we are. - Sandy Albarran
We are the future. - Vanessa Jimenez
We are awkward. - Daniel Ceja
We are spontaneous. - Kiki Murillo
We are crazy. - Karen Castillo
We are trapped within a barrier called society. - Dylan Renn
We are kind. - Mario Medina
We are united. - Yazmin Medina
We are hooligans. - Alexis Battaglia
We are independent. - Stacey Naranjo
We are spectacular. - Joseph Magana
We are united. - Amore Collins
We are God’s children. - Sebastian Guzman
We are the constellation of past events living in the present. We are the kids of the future. - Dianna Espinosa
We are a population of imperfect people expecting each other to be perfect. - Kathleen Rodriguez
We are the people that inspire the next generation. - Brandon Caropino
We are teenagers living la vida loca. - Nayeli Sanchez
We are wise ones. - Elisa Perez
We are rebellious. - Enrique Ramos
We are righteous. - Mario Garza
We are the best generation. - Calvin Naputi
We are creators of an infinite future. - Judith Perez
We are birds flying to unseen territories. - Esmeralda Tayez
We are dorks. - Evalicia Garcia
We are young and reckless. - Kevin Burnam
We are from the hood. - Omar Gomez
We are hard workers. - Antonia Ciolino
We are new and intelligent. - Ruben Duron
We are busy people...Ain’t nobody got time for this. - Cameryn Ruiz
We are flawless. We wake up like this. - Bailey Torres
We are America’s Navy. - Alejandro Arellano
We are all smart in our own ways. - Angell Turner
We are young, wild, and free. - Sarah Delgado
We are young kids wanting freedom. - Genesis Alvarez
We are fabulous. - Mariana Rubio
We are almost there. - Olivia Quezada
We are made of C,H,O,N,P,S. - Ms. K Wang
We are but an insignificant piece in the whole scheme of things, yet we are everything to those who love us. - Mr. Martell
We are all taking a walk on the wild side, so the rest of you run and hide. - Sam Gurrola
We are the net to your soccer goal. - Crystal Mejia
We are the next generation of the future. - Emely Espinoza
We are the weird little opening in the cat’s ear. - Dayan Gurrola
We are the words in the dictionary. - Fidel Gomez
We are lost in a dream. - Sabrina Rosales
We are the people who hold the world together. - Luis Fragoso
We are the mistake that you’re glad you made. - Angela Popoca
We are the black words on the white paper. - Andrew Walker
We are the wave to your surf. - Marina Terzoli
We are the Angels. - Alexis Solis
We are legends at our craft. - Manuel Solis
We are the future. - Betzi Romero
We are the ones who make a difference in life. - Karen Arzate
We are your stars in the night sky. - John Zivkovic
We are...young wild + free… - Janeth Murrieta
We are the nutrients to your plant. - Steven Pacheco
We are the peanut butter to your jelly. - Deseeray Diaz
We are those who believe that, at the top it’s just us people, but we don’t really trust people. - Eddie Ulloa
We are the writers of the book of life. - Brandon Mercado
We are the pawns of a great game. - John Monteverde
We are the generations that will affect the world. - Josue Chavez
We are that broken, not so perfect, but loving family. - Bryan Mendiola
We are the authors of our destiny. - Alicia Sanders