Dec. 19, 2012 | Ralph M. Parsons Grant

The Ralph M. Parsons Foundation strives to support and facilitate the work of the region's best nonprofit organizations, recognizing that many of those in need today will go on to shape the future of Southern California, to define it, redefine it, and help it set and achieve new goals.
It is our belief that like our partners at the Ralph M. Parsons Foundation, the students of POLAHS will one day uplift a new generation… as teachers, scientists, engineers, nurses, or philanthropists. In whatever path they choose, they will surely change the future landscape of our City – in large part due to a solid educational foundation.
In granting POLAHS $100,000 toward our science laboratory project, the Ralph M. Parsons Foundation joins a growing list of project supporters. We will be able to move forward with lab construction this summer! These contributions mean more to us than just dollars, however. The grant awards represent a deep agreement about the importance of intellect and education. In short, they form a resounding "yes" from the whole body of the POLAHS community. Our donors have made for an infinitely stronger high school and we are deeply grateful.
Thank you to the staff and Board of The Ralph M. Parsons Foundation!