Sept. 6, 2012 | POLAHS Receives WASC Accreditation

The accreditation process is all about fostering excellence in schools around the country. The word accreditation literally means trustworthiness. POLAHS' accreditation is evidence that our school not only provides the highest quality learning opportunities, but is in the business of continual self-improvement. To receive a full term accreditation is a rare privilege and honor.
One purpose of school accreditation is to ensure to colleges and universities that graduating high school students have mastered a particular body of knowledge upon entering their institution. As POLAHS' twelfth grade students apply for college, the integrity of their student transcripts will be validated by our WASC accreditation. Another purpose of school accreditation is to enable schools to recognize their strengths and limitations.
Accredited schools must meet rigorous standards. A week-long school observation and analysis from the WASC Visiting Committee was preceded by POLAHS' in-depth self-study. Our faculty and staff spent several months preparing evidence of distinction in several areas, including: organization for student learning; curriculum and instruction; support for academic growth; and resource management and development.
POLAHS' efforts paid off, as the Visiting Committee noted "the stellar aspects of the school," and recognized that "maintaining an effective quality program for students in the face of today's challenges is a truly commendable feat." We consider this highest compliment a testament to the rigor and value of our program.