Mar. 19, 2012 | UCLA Film Project @ POLAHS

Who | UCLA Center for Healthier Children, Families & Communities National Children's Study-Los Angeles/Ventura Study Center, and 5 POLAHS Senior Thesis students
What | Documentary video project - 10 minute videos photographed and edited by students answering two key questions:
1. What is it like growing up in your community?
2. How does growing up in your community affect your physical and mental health?

When | Screening will be held on Monday, March 19 at 5:30 PM; 310-732-4310 for details
Where | POLAHS Multipurpose Room; 250 W. 5th Street, San Pedro
Preview | "While filming I found that stress relievers are in my life naturally and I just overlook them. If I have a hard day at school, going for a walk around the neighborhood on my way home can be a huge help," said twelfth grader Sarah Tuibeo. She also believes that church and extracurricular activities like participating in the US Air Force auxiliary, Civil Air Patrol, benefit her physical and mental well-being.
Classmate Abraham Mata felt that watching his footage on camera gave him a different perspective on his environment. "I noticed more details, like air pollution for example. It made me think about where I live and how it affects my health," Abraham said.
Senior Brian Newcomer filmed at POLAHS. "My school community supports me emotionally, and that's why I've had a 3.0 GPA since transferring here in tenth grade. I had a 1.0 GPA at my last school, and teachers didn't notice me because they spent a lot of time trying to discipline other students," he said.