Nov. 2, 2011 | Norris Foundation Supports

The Norris Foundation supports programs that advance better health and intellectual enlightenment through education, cultivation of the arts, individual responsibility, freedom, and dignity. The Foundation values organizations that lead with a hands-on approach to service, and POLAHS' Science curriculum does just that. Through the construction of a new Physics laboratory and an increase in the number of Physics class periods available each semester, hundreds of POLAHS students will have access to outstanding guest speakers, field trips, and classroom labs and experiments. "Where POLAHS students have a chance to understand concepts as they relate to real issues, apply their own designs, and test those designs is an unparalleled opportunity. "We're going to have POLAHS Physics students study local issues like wave dynamics and the circulation of water in the inner San Pedro Harbor. Funding for this type of innovative science education is critical," said Linda Chilton, Education Administrator for USC Sea Grant. POLAHS Physics instructor Annie Reynolds adds, "The Norris Foundation is changing lives. Our students will not only be prepared for success in sciences at the collegiate-level, but they will be introduced to the vast number of science careers and job pathways while in high school. This type of access isn't happening in many schools, and I'm so grateful we have the support to do that here for students who otherwise wouldn't have the chance."