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CTE and Career Counseling

Career Technical Education (CTE)
Career Technical Education (CTE) prepares students to be college and career-ready by providing core academic skills, employability skills, and technical, job-specific skills. CTE features high school, postsecondary, and industry partnerships, enabling clear pathways to certifications and degrees. POLAHS offers five CTE pathways: 

Introduction to CTE: Survey course required for all freshmen. Students are familiarized with the CTE program pathways and the history of the Port of Los Angeles. 

Boat Operations: Students master sailing, navigation, boat-building, and seamanship through workshop instruction and sail training. Certifications include Red Cross CPR; First-Aid; and U.S. Coast Guard STCW through El Camino College.

Graphic Design: Students design and produce print and electronic media. Students complete the Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) exam.
Digital Photography: Students learn the operations and functions of a digital single lens reflex camera. Students will explore the history of photography, and master portrait photography and post-production. Students learn image techniques and digital manipulation using Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. Students complete the Adobe Certification Associate (ACA) exam in Photoshop.

Construction Technology: Students are equipped for employment and postsecondary education in the residential and commercial construction industry. Students earn college credit and certification by completing an advanced Construction Technology class through El Camino College.
Video Production: Students learn how to produce videos, operate technical equipment, and explore video game development, augmented reality, and virtual reality. Students earn certification in Adobe Certified Associate (ACA), which can lead to employment in the television and film industries.
Career Counseling 
Mr. Aspinwall counsels students in the participation of internships, field trips; competitions, and other work-based learning opportunities. Visit the College and Career Center for more information about CTE or career-related activities.