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POLAHS Parent Information

At POLAHS, the Special Education Program believes strongly that EVERY student can learn. An Individual Education Program (IEP) is customized for every student with a disability, and a particular disability category does not automatically qualify a student for program placement. Most students receive a combination of a variety of programs.

In addition to the fully customizable continuum of services, all students have access to ALL academic programs, athletics, and activities. Our services and programs have been designed to meet a variety of students’ educational and social-emotional needs. The Resource Program allows students to take general education courses with support, which can include one or two periods of resource and/or skills support classes each day.
POLAHS has all-inclusive classrooms that have a mix of students of varying abilities, and a Resource Teacher/Aid within the room. These supports allow students with disabilities to remain in a traditional classroom setting. Some of the students within the classroom may receive some pull-out services in addition to their assisted learning. POLAHS' Special Education program is mostly “push-in” services. A Resource Teacher/Aid will come into the classroom to assist the teacher during regular lessons during the day.  Additionally, POLAHS has pull-out services for students who are in need of related services such as speech therapy, APE, and counseling. 
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