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Resources for POLAHS Leaders

Category Source Notes Link                                              
Equity Resources Racial Equity Tools COVID-19 Racial Equity and Social Justice Resources                                              
Equity Resources The Center for Strategic Diversity Leadership and Social Innovation COVID-19 Crisis Action Strategy Guide                                              
Content/Curriculum IXL Personalized online learning by grade, all subjects                                              
Content/Curriculum Quizlet Online learning, all subjects                                              
Content/Curriculum Zearn Math-focused resource centers for teachers (curriculum support, etc.)
COVID-19 Health Updates California Department of Public Health Ongoing updates about COVID-19 in California                                              
COVID-19 Health Updates CDC Ongoing updates about COVID-19 in the US                                              
COVID-19 Health Updates CDC Considerations for school closures                                              
COVID-19 Health Updates CDC Video on the importance of combating coronavirus                                              
COVID-19 Health Updates Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Ongoing updates about COVID-19 in the US                                              
COVID-19 Health Updates Daily Breeze Daily Case Count for LA County                                              
COVID-19 Health Updates Office of Governor Gavin Newsom Most recent COVID-19 updates from the Governor's Office                                              
COVID-19 Health Updates US Department of Education Ongoing COVID-19 updates on the national level for educators, schools, etc.                                              
COVID-19 Legislation NPR Federal action on COVID-19                                              
COVID-19 Messaging World Health Organization Key Messages and Actions for COVID-19 Prevention and Control in Schools                                              
COVID-19 Messaging World Health Organization Risk Communications & Engagement Guidelines                                              
COVID-19 Messaging Hootsuite Adapting to Digital and Social Ways of Being in a Time of Crisis                                              
COVID-19 Messaging National Center for Special Education in Charter Schools COVID-19 and Students with Disabilities                                              
COVID-19 Nationwide Datapoint Johns Hopkins University COVID-19 dashboard with data points                                              
COVID-19 Resources Chiefs for Change K-12 System Leaders: Resource list from State and District agencies                                              
COVID-19 Resources USDA Child nutrition program waiver request guidance and protocol (revised)                                              
COVID-19 Resources USDA / FNS Food and Nutrition Service Guidance on Human Pandemic Response                                              
Education Resources Educaton Week A downloadable guide for schools                                              
News Clip NY Times How Can We Help One Another During the Coronavirus Outbreak?                                              
News Clip NYT "We Need Social Solidarity, Not Just Social Distancing"                                              
News Clip NYT "Why Soap Works"                                              
News Clip The Justice Collective "Coronavirus and Racial + Social Equity: Centering Justice During Times of Uncertainty and Four Things You Can do Right Now"                                              
News Clip Vox "How canceled events and self-quarantines save lives, in one chart"                                              
News Clip Washington Post Information about the spread of coronavirus and how to flatten the curve                                              
Remote Learning Medium COVID-19 - thinking beyond meeting online -- rethinking online events -                                              
Remote Learning Instruction Partners A comprehensive hub for planning for COVID-19 remote instruction                                              
Remote Learning Charter School Growth Fund Transitioning in-person classrooms online (for teachers)                                              
Remote Learning Microsoft Making the switch to remote learning (best practices)                                              
School Services CommonLit Free parent and teacher accounts with reading and writing resources for grades 3-12, appropriate for multiple subjects                                              
School Services Discovery Education Online K-12 curriculum; free of charge through end of year                                              
School Services LearnPlatform Free services to districts and states to help inventory ed tech products, identify gaps and communicate with teachers and families. They are also compiling a list of ed tech offers of support.