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Resources for FAMILIES

Category Source Notes Link                                                
Assistance Charter/Spectrum Communications Temporary free wifi for low-income students and other populations                                                
Assistance Internet Essentials Temporary free wifi for low-income students and other populations                                                
Assistance Sonic Temporary free wifi for low-income students and other populations                                                
Content/Curriculum BrainPOP Free access through the end of the year. Engaging content for multiple subjects and grade levels                                                
Content/Curriculum CommonLit Free parent and teacher accounts with reading and writing resources for grades 3-12, appropriate for multiple subjects                                                
Content/Curriculum Eureka Math, Wit & Wisdom, PhD Science Free recorded daily lessons of K-12 Eureka Math, K-8 Wit & Wisdom, 3-5 PhD Science starting Wed. 3/18. Many printable downloadable resources                                                
Content/Curriculum IXL Personalized online learning by grade, all subjects                                                
Content/Curriculum Khan Academy Free. Age-appropriate sample daily schedules, K-12 math content, additional subjects for many grades, SAT-prep.                                                
Content/Curriculum New York Times Learning Network Free access; provides daily writing prompts based on NYT articles, pictures and data visuals for students 13 and older. Moderated comments feature for class or open discussion.                                                
Content/Curriculum Newsela Online curriculum, offering free access to entire suite for remainder of the year, including social-emotional learning                                                
Content/Curriculum Quill Free, interactive online tools to help students in grades 3-12 with writing and grammar.                                                
Content/Curriculum Quizlet Online learning, all subjects                                                
Content/Curriculum Scholastic Learn at Home Free day by day projects to keep kids reading and learning at home                                                
Content/Curriculum Zearn Math-focused resource centers for teachers (curriculum support, etc.)
COVID-19 Information Johns Hopkins Breakdown of coronavirus, social distancing and self-quarantine                                                
COVID-19 Information NPR Explaining Coronavirus to kids (illustration)                                                
COVID-19 Messaging PBS How to talk to your kids about coronavirus                                                
COVID-19 Resources County of Los Angeles Resources to help families cope and stay up with the latest information.                                                
COVID-19 Resources County of Los Angeles Mental Health / Stress Resources                                                
Educational Resources Los Angeles Public Library Homeschooling Resources to the Rescue                                                
Educational Resources ABC7 Free educational resources for kids stuck at home during COVID-19                                                
Educational Resources Amazing Educational Resources Amazing Educational Resources (+FB Support Group)                                                
Educational Resources Audible Free audioboooks                                                
Educational Resources EdSurge Keeping School Rhythm for Young Children at Home                                                
Educational Resources GreatSchools School closure learning guide during Coronavirus (COVID-19), Grade-based tool kits                                                
Educational Resources Huffington Post At-home activities for kids, tips from parents                                                
Educational Resources KLCS Educational Programming Schedule                                                
Educational Resources NewSchool Venture Fund Online resource collection for students and families.                                                
Educational Resources Public Virtual field trips for kids                                                
Educational Resources Public Over 26 links to learning resources; TK-12                                                
Educational Resources Storylineonline.net Home education option for kids                                                
Educational Resources Understood.org Help for children with learning disabilities                                                
Guides/Compilations Common Sense Media Compliation of free resources for families to navigate social distancing and school closures with quality media and at-home learning opportunities for your kids.                                                
Guides/Compilations EdNavigator Tips for parents for supporting learning at home                                                
Guides/Compilations Emerson Collective Resources for remote learning                                                
Guides/Compilations GreatSchools Advice for parents and curated resources for all ages and grades, multiple subjects                                                
Guides/Compilations NEA Great blog with ideas and advice for educators and parents for moving to virtual learning                                                
Guides/Compilations Turnaround for Children Curated list of resources to help people take care of themselves and their children physically and emotionally, at the same time                                                
Health CDC How to manage stress and anxiety during the COVID 19 pandemic                                                
Health Parade "Avoid Cabin Fever With These 125 Ideas to Keep Kids Entertained During the Coronavirus Crisis"                                                
News Clip EdSource California State University suspends SAT/ACT testing for 2021-22 admissions                                                
News Clip Daily Breeze Complete Coronavirus Coverage                                                
News Clip Daily Breeze Social Distancing Tips                                                
News Clip NY Times How Can We Help One Another During the Coronavirus Outbreak?                                                
News Clip NYT "We Need Social Solidarity, Not Just Social Distancing"                                                
News Clip NYT "Why Soap Works"                                                
News Clip The Justice Collective "Coronavirus and Racial + Social Equity: Centering Justice During Times of Uncertainty and Four Things You Can do Right Now"                                                
News Clip Vox "How canceled events and self-quarantines save lives, in one chart"                                                
News Clip Washington Post Information about the spread of coronavirus and how to flatten the curve                                                
News Clip NYT "How to Homeschool During Coronavirus"                                                
Remote Learning TNTP List of online resources for remote learning and tips for educators and parents                                                
Tools Charter / Spectrum Free broadband and wifi for new customers with K-12 students for 60 days: 844-488-8395                                                
Tools Comcast Increasing speeds for internet for low-income families and offering new customers internet essential services for 60 days for free: 8558468376                                                
Tools EveryoneOn Helps families identify free or low-cost internet options in their area