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Alumni Regina Rojas, '10


Alumnus Update: Maritime BOSS 🚒 

Regina Rojas graduated from #POLAHS in 2010.


She was a part of the Sailing team at Cabrillo Beach Yacht Club, and excelled in Logistics classes with Mr. DeSanto. β€œI was fascinated with the complexity and the problem-solving capabilities I would need to succeed in the maritime industry,” she says.


Regina graduated from @calmaritime in 2014, completing the  International Business and Logistics program. πŸŽ“ β€œMy favorite part about Cal Maritime, besides the lifelong friendships I made, were the events specifically for women, with top women leaders in the industry telling us their stories,” says Regina. πŸ’ͺ🏽


Today, Regina is the ASSISTANT MANAGER in MARINE OPERATIONS for CMA-CGM (@cmacgm), a French container transportation and shipping company. It is a leading worldwide shipping group, using 200 shipping routes between 420 ports in 150 different countries, ranking fourth behind Maersk Line, MSC and COSCO. Her favorite part of the job is when attending breakbulk loads/discharges at the terminal. A few months ago, she was on the terminal for a helicopter landing on dock. She witnessed the dismantling process of the blades, and finally saw it load on the vessel! 🚁 Some of her job duties include direct contact with the terminals/agents to schedule operations for CMA-CGM/ANL owned vessels, being in charge of two ANL vessels throughout their USWC voyages, solving daily terminal problems for services, and quoting breakbulk cargo. Wow!!