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Alumni Sandra Mora, '12


Alumnus Update: 

Sandra Mora graduated from POLAHS as Valedictorian in 2012.


POLAHS GRAD ➡️ ENGINEERING! Sandra Mora (‘12), commuted to @calpolypomona to pursue a degree in Mechanical Engineering. She was a member of the Society of Women Engineers Club in college, and worked the entire time she was going to school - sometimes two jobs! “I decided I wanted to be an engineer because I loved math.


At #POLAHS, my favorite class was AP Calculus. My teacher encouraged me to go to college even though I thought I wasn't going to be able to afford it. I remember she met with me on a weekend at POLAHS to help me break down tuition costs and figure out how to be able to pay for school. She also chose me as a recipient of a scholarship that helped me pay for my first semester of college,” says Sandra. 💵


Today, Sandra works for PepsiCo as a Manufacturing Associate! 🥤 She oversees the area of the manufacturing plant that converts raw materials into product that is then bottled and packaged out of the facility. Sandra works with different departments such as quality, planning, and maintenance to ensure that they are supplying consumers with a quality product and meeting the consumer demand. “I enjoy that the job is not only technical, as many engineering jobs can be, but it also heavily involves working with all kinds of people,” she shared. ⭐️ #womenengineers #pepsico