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Alumni Stephanie Anaya, '13


Alumnus Update: 

Stephanie Anaya graduated from POLAHS as Valedictorian in 2013.


She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology with Neuroscience from Yale University (‘17). Stephanie currently attends Mayo Clinic Alix School of Medicine (she’ll earn her M.D. as Class of ‘23), and plans on becoming a doctor in Interventional Radiology or Hematology-Oncology. She still considers herself undecided, showing us that you don’t need to have it ALL figured out before you begin school!


Stephanie says that her favorite memory of POLAHS was taking a trip to Catalina Island with her AP Biology class. “POLAHS really prepared me for college by teaching me to seek to understand any underlying biases hidden in literature and the curriculum being taught. I really learned to not be passive and question what was inherently missing in the history we were learning. I think I really carried that throughout my undergraduate years,” she shared.


For current POLAHS students, Stephanie offered the following advice: “Regardless of what career or life path you choose, try to acknowledge what biases you may have. The moment you realize what these are, you have the ability to not only better control your emotions and actions, but also develop more meaningful relationships with others. With a country as divided as it is today, practicing empathy and humility is a way you can do your part. Never forget the experiences that have made you who you are, and also realize that you have no idea what lives others have lived.”


🌟 Stephanie, you are an ALL-STAR alum and we are so proud of you for making a difference in the world.